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Show Format
« on: April 15, 2016, 11:27:41 AM »
Go to Calendar, and look over first when shows are being held.
Click Post Event, this is in the bottom right hand corner or on the drop down menu.
-This action is already set up to post the events to this board.
Subject is the name of the post and can be found below.
Event Title is the name of the show. The date should be the day(s) the event is held on.
Simply use the form below and fill it in.
When you post the show will be added to the Open Event and on the calendar.

The subject of the new thread should be: Show Name, Show Type (Run Date) | TDTG April 16 Eventing Show, Schooling (4/15)
Association please 'tag' your shows - [tag] Show Name, Show Type  (Run Date) | [IHA] April 16 Eventing Show, Schooling (4/15)
When the show is over please rename it the following - Show Name (Closed). | TDTG April 16 Eventing Show (closed)
This will help staff keep our boards clean.

  • Schooling: This type of shows are open to all horses.
  • Limited: This is only for horses with in their first year of showing.
  • Open: Open to horses who have been showing over a year.
  • Ranked: For horses who have reached International Champion title.

Show Format
Code: [Select]
[b]Show Name:[/b]
[b]Show Run Date:[/b]
[b]Entries Closing Date:[/b]
[b]Show Type:[/b] Schooling, Limited, Open, or Ranked
[b]Host & Location:[/b] Member's name at Stable Name
Horses show under-saddle between 3 years and 20 years of age.
Horses need one days rest between shows.
Horses may not enter more then 5 classes per show (or a day for multiple day shows).
Horses may cross enter at realistic levels.

[b]Entry Fees:[/b]
[b]Paid To:[/b]
[b]Entry Format:[/b] Horses Name - Owner or Stable
Copy and Paste, adding your entry to the class list.

[b]Class List:[/b]
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