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Awards & How to Apply
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TEA Awards
Please visit the awards page on the TEA website for an outline of the awards we offer and how to earn them.

Year-End Awards
Nomination for Year-End awards begins after the TEA Cup has run (early December) and remains open for 20 days. When nominations close, voting opens. Award recipients will be announced before the Papkura HT runs in the new year (late February).

Lifetime Achievement Awards
To apply for a lifetime achievement award, start a thread on this board in the following format:

Remember that a qualifying score is:
Dressage Phase 40 or less
XC Phase under 20
SJ Phase under 30

Lifetime Eventing Achievement Award
Subject: Eventing Achievement - Horse
Code: [Select]
Link to Horse at TEA:
Important Results:
(copy & paste results from the horse's page for at least 10 qualifying scores and
2 FEH Championship or TEA Cup placings. The FEH Championship/TEA Cup results
can also be the qualifying scores.

Eventing Sire/Dam Lifetime Achievement Award
Subject: Sire/Dam Achievement - Horse
Code: [Select]
Link to Horse at TEA -or- Stable:
Link to foal #1 at TEA:
Link to foal #2 at TEA:
etc. up to 5 foals

Qualifying Scores:
List the date & show name of each qualifying score for each foal in use,
totalling 100 qualifying scores.

FEH Championship/TEA Cup:
Post the year & foal name for each time one of the foals used placed at the
FEH Championship or TEA Cup.

Eventing Owner Hall of Fame
Subject: Owner Hall of Fame
Code: [Select]
Link to Stable at TEA:

Horse 1: name, link, whatever ;)
Horse 2:
Horse 3:
Horse 4:
Horse 5:
Horse 6:
Horse 7:
Horse 8:
Horse 9:
Horse 10: