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Calendar Watch
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Show (Host)Date(s)Rest Day
Starlight Horse Trials (Mira)September 8thSeptember 9th
TDTG Batman Horse Trial (Misa)September 10thSeptember 11th
TEA Chardon Valley Horse Trial (Jenna)September 12th - 13thSeptember 14th
Moonlight Horse Trials (Mira)September 17thSeptember 18th
TEA Morven Park Horse Trial (Jenna)September 19th - 20thSeptember 21st
TDTG Destiny H.T (Misa)September 22ndSeptember 23rd
TEA Dreamcrest Horse Trial (Jenna)September 24thSeptember 25th
TEA Burghley Horse Trial (Jenna)September 26th - 27thSeptember 28th

TEA Ocala Fall Event (Jenna)October 1st - 2ndOctober 3rd
TEA Mary Swanson Horse Trial (Jenna)October 6thOctober 7th
TEA Grove Horse Trial (Jenna)October 12thOctober 13th
TEA Pine Hill Fall Horse Trial (Jenna)October 14th - 15thOctober 16th
TEA October Combined Test (Jenna)October 19thOctober 20th
TEA Les 4 Etoiles de Pau (Jenna)October 28th - 29thOctober 30tht

Scheduling Conflicts
  • none!
Owners who school their eventing horses at dressage and show jumping shows should be aware that there may be entry conflicts between eventing shows and shows for other disciplines. Remember that horses need 1 day off after every show.

Scheduling Availability
Eventing shows can still be posted on:

September: 15, 29

October: 4, 8, 9, 10, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 31

Please do not post November trials before the TEA November schedule has been posted if you want to avoid entry conflicts.
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Re: Calendar Watch
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Updated today!

Rest days are now 1 day after all shows, and the TEA will now only host 2-Day Events for long format shows, not 3DEs.